Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

Your email, password, first and last name will be collected and stored by This information is provided by you when you sign up to a free account on

How do we store this information: We store the collected data in a hashed, secure database on our hosting. We also store your email, first and last name in a Mailchimp list that is owned by

How do we use that data?

We collect the data for the purposes of providing you with a login to so that you may download files from our hosting. This also enables us to impose an account based daily download limit for free users.

We also use your email in a Mailchip mailing list (a condition of having a account, see our terms and condition and license), which is used to contact you about the newest and upcoming files that are uploaded to and any exciting developments such as new types of footage or new features for account holders.

We only use your data for the purposes of providing an account on as well as contacting you through our Draw Shoot Move mailing list.

Sharing of your data: We do not share the collected data with any other person or business entity, aside from Mailchimp which provides the service of the Draw Shoot Move mailing list.

Change of Policy

Should there be any change in policy, we will notify you via email in the Draw Shoot Move mailing list.